Search Engine Optimization Explained

- 8:57 pm - July 30th, 2013

Every business owner with a website wants to be at the very top of all the search engines. The problem is that they believe that they must spend a pile of money to get there. While spending money in regards to advertising with the search engines will help boost your rankings, that will only help with your national rankings. For example, if you are a contractor in Johnstown, PA that builds houses, do you really care if someone from Nova Scotia sees your website.

Businesses, especially start-up businesses, need to start out small and work their way up. Obviously my example above only works for a certain demographic but it leads into the point that I want to discuss. Businesses should look into appealing to more localized searches before going to broader terms. If you are loading your site up with broad keywords, you are completely missing the point and it will not help your rankings at all. You want to focus on people searching for "contractors johnstown, pa" rather than just simply "contractors." You could be number one in the rankings for a local search but number 10,000+ for the broad search. The key is to use localized keywords and work your way up. The more local traffic that you drive to your site, will also slowly boost your global search rankings. Those who are number one on the big search engines did not get there over night and more than likely started out in thier local area. Make sure you check out the major search engines location listing. This listing is often not automatic, and your location will have to be submitted and verified with the search engine.

Traffic also boosts your search rankings so make sure you advertise your website in your normal advertising media. Word of mouth is also a great boost for your website. Google has a great tool that you can use to submit your site as well as customize your listing. All you need for that is a free Google account. Yahoo and Bing have similar tools.

In conclusion, SEO does not have to be a monster or a major investment. All it takes is determination and a little bit of hard work. Your hard work and tweaking now, will pay off in the future.