Where we began...

J.M. Server Solutions was started in 2011, by the current president Jacob Morisi. The company began as a very small hosting and web design firm. The equipment was purchased off of a company that was going out of business and the business got its roots. The company started by just offering basic web design and shared hosting services. We quickly branched out and started offering dedicated hosting services as well as offsite backup serives. Our first clients, many of which transferred to us after the previous company had closed its doors, really gave us our start. 

About a year after the company was started, the decision was made to reorganize the company into a Limited Liability Company. This allows us to continue offering the same great service and also gives the business and its owner protection from the unknown. That wasn't the only change to happen. After that we started to take on more clients, and we began offering more services. Our first cloud hosting client was brought on in 2012, and we also began offering IT management and consultation. We also contracted with two large computer and electronic suppliers, and partnered with about 11 big name companies including Lenovo and HP. 

Where we are today...

Although our company has changed and grown throught the last two years, our values have not. We are still dedicated to offering the best services at affordable prices for all of our clients. Our belief is that clients should not be charged based on the size of the organization or company, but fairly and in line with our prices that we advertise. 

We are grateful to all of our innagural clients and also the ones who are just signing on with us. It is humbling to know that our clients are able to trust us with their information. We will always strive to stick to our values system and never change the way we do business. Our approach is not profit-centered, it is project centered. Our clients will always come first in our eyes, and we will make sure to give them the best value for their money. The old saying "you get what you pay for" does not apply to our company, and we hope to be a trendsetter in our industry in the years to come.

In early 2014, we were able to obtain and lease an expanded office space. We officially started working from our new office February 2, 2014.

About the President...

Bringing nearly ten years experience to the table, Jacob A. Morisi founded J.M. Server Solutions in 2011 with a vision to recreate the web hosting market into a high tech and affordable environment. He always had a vision that technology should be accessable to everyone and he continues to work towards that goal today. 

Jacob is a graduate and proud alumni of Richland High School where he participated heavily in the IT department and it really gave him a jump start for his future. Three and a half years later he graduated Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, PA with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Cum Laude. He held a full time job the entire time he was going to college at a local school district. Prior to graduating he moved jobs to a community bank and continued there after graduating college. 

Jacob enjoys keeping with up with the changing technology and constantly studies for different certifications in the field. He currently resides in Johnstown, PA. He thanks his girlfriend, and parents for giving him the support that he needed to follow his dreams, even if his dreams got in the way of things sometimes.